Landmarks Of Our Province


The first arrival of the Capuchins to India: six French Capuchins arrived in Pondicherry to cater to the spiritual needs of the French East Company.


The prospects of the French East Company failed in Pondicherry and the Capuchins too departed with them.


Fr. Zenon de Beauge, a French Capuchin, founded the first Capuchin Mission of India in Surat.


Fr. Ephrem de Nevers, a French Capuchin, founded the Capuchin Mission of Madras. He was appointed the first Prefect Apostolic of Madras. He built the first Church in Madras, dedicated to St. Andrews, inside the fort of St. George and also inaugurated the first English school in India.


Fr. Cosmos de Gien, a French Capuchin, founded the Capuchin Mission of Pondicherry.


The foundation of the Capuchin mission of Chandra-Nagore, North India.


The Capuchins at Pondicherry opened new mission stations.


The foundation of the Hindustan-Tibet mission by the Italian Capuchins in Lhasa, Tibet.


Church of St. Andrews, the first Church at Madras, built by the Capuchins, was demolished by the English.


Fr. Sebastian de Nevers, a French Capuchin, was appointed the first Prefect Apostolic of Pondicherry.


The whole of North India was made an Apostolic Prefecture and handed over to the Capuchins.


End of the Capuchin mission in Pondicherry and the Prefecture was handed over to the Holy Ghost Fathers.


End of the Capuchin mission in Madras and the Prefecture was upgraded into an Apostolic Vicariate and handed over to the Irish Augustinians.

Feb 9

St. Gonsalo Garcia, First Indian Franciscan lay Brother became a saint –martyred in Japan


A Novitiate was opened in Mussoorie for the implantation of the Order but was closed down in 1889


The Novitiate was reopened at Sardhana. Fr. John Baptist Tirannanzi' of Florence was appointed the first Commissary General.


India became a Custody (Commissariat) of the Province of Paris.


The Novitiate was shifted to Monte Mariano, Farangipet, in the Diocese of Mangalore.


Br. Cassian of Erurkade became the first Tamil Capuchin Friar.


India became a General Commissariate and Fr. Guido of Pontieux of the Province of Paris was made the Commissary General.


The Capuchins re-entered Tamil Nadu with the blessing of Amalashram.


We opened St. Joseph Friary, Kotagiri as the Theologate for the whole of India.


St. Francis Friary at Kumbakonam was blessed.


India was declared a Provincial Commissariat with Fr. Richard of Durand of the Calvary Province (USA) as the Commissary Provincial.

Fr. Eusebius from Manapad became the first Tamil Capuchin priest.


Fr. Cyril of Kallianpur became the first Indian Provincial Commissary.


Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore, was blessed. Fr. Dominic Athaide was consecrated as the first Indian Capuchin Archbishop of Agra.


Fr. Cassian of Timmins of the Province of Canada was appointed the Provincial Commissary. Coimbatore became the Commissariat.


St. Francis Friary at Kumbakonam was closed down.


India became a Province under the patronage of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Fr. John Berchmans of Chirakadavu was appointed as the first Provincial.


We accepted Pattukottai Parish dedicated to the Holy Redeemer in the Diocese of Tanjore. Our residence was named as St. Peter Friary.


Paduvai Ashram at Amalinagar, Thiruchendur in the Diocese of Tuticorin, was blessed.


Nirmala Ashram, Thirumangalam, was blessed. Paduvai Ashram got shifted from Thiruchendur to Tuticorin town proper.


St. Mathias Friary at Ashok Nagar, Chennai, was blessed.


The Decree of the division of the Indian Province into four different jurisdictions was promulgated.

The division of the Indian Province into four independent jurisdictions namely, St. Joseph Province (Kerala), Most Holy Trinity Province (Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra), Amala Annai Province (Tamil Nādu) and St. Francis Vice Province (Kerala) and the installation of the new Provincial superiors (Appointed by Rome) at Kotagiri by Fr. Aloysius Ward, Def. General, took place.

Amala Annai Province of Tamil Nādu was born with the appointment of Fr. Jonathan the first Provincial Minister. At its birth Tamil Nadu had 7 houses plus 1 house in Malaysia.


The First Ordinary Chapter of Tamil Nadu Province was at Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore.


The Province started its own Orientation and Initiation at Amalashram.


The First Election Chapter of the Province took place at Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore. Fr. Jonathan got elected Provincial.


The Second Provincial Renewal Chapter was at Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore.


The Second Election Chapter of the Province was at Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore. Fr. Mathias got elected Provincial.

The Province founded the Regional Theologate at Amalashram.


Assisi Ashram, a retreat house at Pampanvilai in Nagercoil, was founded and blessed.

The Province accepted a mission in Andhra Pradesh in the Diocese of Cuddapah.

The Third Renewal Seminar Chapter was at Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore.


The CCMSI(Capuchin Conference of the Major Superiors, India) decided to close down the common study houses of Philosophy (Trichur) and Theology (Kotagiri) in favour of Regionalized study houses.

The Third Election Chapter of the Province was at Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore. Fr. Mathias got re-elected Provincial.

The Province began the temporary Novitiate at St. Joseph Friary, Kotagiri. The Capuchin novices from Malaysia were here for Novitiate training.


The Fourth Provincial Renewal Seminar was at St. Joseph Friary, Kotagiri.


Gnanalaya in Trichy became the abode of the students of Theology. They attended classes at St. Paul Seminary, Trichy.


The Fourth Election Chapter was at St. Joseph Friary, Kotagiri presided over by Br. Flavio, Minister General. For the first time, universal suffrage, ie. with the participation of all the perpetually professed Friars was exercised. Br. B. Aruldass got elected Provincial.

The Province started its own Philosophate at Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore.

We opened the permanent Novitiate at Pampanvilai and shifted it from Kotagiri to Pampanvilai in May 1985.

St. Joseph Friary, Kotagiri became a permanent Philosophate of the Tamil Nadu Province.

A new Friary came up at Nagari, AP. Our Friars moved from Guntarajakuppam to this new residence.

A new formation centre for the orientation students (first years) started functioning at Tuticorin.


The Fifth Provincial Renewal Seminar was held at St. Joseph's Friary, Kotagiri.


Arulagam at Vickramasingapuram originated. This was another Formation centre for Higher Secondary students.

The Province inaugurated a second retreat house at Paduvai Ashram, Tuticorin.

The Fifth Election Chapter of the Province was at Amalashram, Trichy. Br. B. Aruldass got re-elected Provincial.

The Province shifted the Provincialate from Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore to Gnanalaya, Trichy.


The Province started its own Theologate at Amalashram, Trichy.


The Sixth Renewal Seminar was at St. Joseph Friary, Kotagiri.

Br. B. Aruldass, the Provincial Minister opened the Zimbabwe Mission and sent the first batch of three Friars to Bulawayo.


Archbishop Henry Karlen of Bulawayo built and blessed the Friary of Our Lady, Queen of Peace at Entumbane in his Archdiocese.

We started a new formation house in Penang, Malaysia.

The Sixth Election Chapter was at Amalashram.Br. D. Jesudas became the Provincial.

We blessed another Friary at Fatima Mission in the Diocese of Hwange in Zimbabwe.


Brunapeg Mission (Africa) became a Parish.


The Seventh Renewal Seminar was at The Friary, Kotagiri.

Edward Francis, the first Bishop of Sivagangai blessed St. Francis Anbagam at Okkur.


The Seventh Election Chapter was at The Friary, Kotagiri. Fr. Percy Joseph Raj got elected Provincial.

It was the Golden Jubilee of Amalashram. We released an Audio Cassette "Amaidhikkaha" - Part I.


Amalashram became an independent Parish.

Our Theologate at Amalashram got affiliated to St. Peter Pontifical Seminary, Bangalore.

The Eighth Renewal Chapter was at The Friary, Kotagiri.

Arulagam at Vickramasingapuram received a status of a Parish dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi.


At the request of the Bishop of Trichy, the Province took up the animation of the Franciscan sisters of St. Thomas situated at Fatima nagar, Trichy along with the Parish. We built them Novitiate, given them land for construction of convent and placed them in some of our Parishes for ministry. We withdrew the contract in 2005.

The Malaysian Friars got incorporated into the Philippines Province.


The Province got the approval of the Government to restart St. Francis Matriculation School at Thirumangalam.

We blessed and inaugurated a new Friary named Arunodaya at Vannampatty, Dindigul.

The Eighth Election Chapter was at The Friary, Kotagiri. Br. John Antony got elected Provincial.

The Capuchin Friars Minor Multipurpose Social Service Society (CFMMSSS) started to function at Udhayam Social Service Centre, Trichy.

Our ministry at Pattukottai came to an end.


It marks the Silver Jubilee year of the Tamil Nadu Province.

The Post-Novitiate programme had its beginning in the Province for the first time at Assisi Ashram, Pampanvilai.

Bp. Edward Francis constituted Okkur as a quasi-Parish.

The Ninth Extraordinary Provincial Chapter was at Amalashram.

The Province released an Audio Cassette of religious hymns in Tamil titled "Amaithikaka - Part II."


We accepted a new Parish dedicated to St. Antony at Arcot in the Diocese of Vellore.

Bp. Irudayaraj of Dharmapuri Diocese created Sundampatti a Parish dedicated to St. Antony and entrusted it to us.

We ventured a Matriculation School in Shanthi Ashram, Gandhipuram in the name of St. Lawrence of Brindisi.

Rev. Br. John Corriveau, Minister General released the book "History of the Capuchins of Tamil Nadu in India" written by Br. S. Arockiam.

Br. John Corriveau, our General, blessed the new wing of the School in Thirumangalam.

The OFS of Tamil Nadu released an audio cassette bearing hymns, mainly on St. Francis, titled "Amaithipura."


Br. John Antony the Provincial Minister inaugurated the Burkina Faso Mission (West Africa) entrusted to the Tamil Nadu Capuchins.

Archbishop Arockiasamy of Madurai established Vannampatti a Parish and handed it over to us.

Rev. Br. Andrew Anil Sequiera, General Councillor, blessed and opened the house ‘Anugraha Friary’ at Dindigul.

We raised ‘Vidivelli’ Friary and the presbytery at Sundampatty in the Diocese of Dharmapuri and had them blessed.

The Zimbabwe delegation became a Custody dedicated to St. Padre Pio. Br. Jeyaraj was the first Regular Superior.

The Ninth Election Chapter was at Amalashram. Br. John Antony got re-elected as Provincial.

Br. Clement upgraded the middle school into a High School at KM Kottai.


Bp. Edward Francis blessed open the Parish Church at Okkur dedicated to St. Peter the Apostle while the Parish is in the name of St. Francis of Assisi.

We opened Theresia Karunalaya Children Home at Kattur, Trichy.

We founded Pio Illam, a new Friary at Uppupettai, Arcot in the Diocese of Vellore.

Abp. James Aruldass of Chennai created Vallam a Parish from Chengelpet and handed it over to us. The Church is dedicated to Infant Jesus.

The Post-Novitiate Block came up on top of Anbagam, Okkur.

The 10th Extraordinary Chapter finalized the Statutes of the Province.

Bp. Singarayar of Salem blessed Jeevanathi Friary at Sendamangalam.

Bp. Irudhayaraj SDB, blessed the Vidivelli Animation Centre at Sundampatti.


St. Clare Children Home at Okkur Pudur came into being.

Bp. Chinnappa of Vellore blessed the Parish Church and the Rectory at Arcot.

We shifted the Counselor Training Institute from Assisi Ashram, Nagercoil to Anugraha, Dindigul.

Br. Jegadhees pioneered the Capuchin Legal Awareness, Research and Educational Services (CLARES), a new ministry in the Province at Amalashram.

We initiated the Parish Ministry in Sendamangalam in the Diocese of Salem.

We opened ‘Kolbe Kudil,’ a children Home, at Vallam for the education of the poor.

We constructed St. Mathias Church a third time and consecrated it.


Infant Jesus Friary at Vallam took its shape.

Kaviyalaya, a Friary at Okkur Pudur Parish Campus, came into existence.

The Auxillary Bishop Antony Pappusamy of Madurai consecrated St. Antony Church at Vadakku Mettupatti, a substation of Vannampatti.

The Tenth Election Chapter took place at Anugraha Centre. Br. Divakar got elected Provincial.

The OFS of Trichy, Tanjore, Kumbakonam and Padre Pio Prayer group, together with the Friars, celebrated the occasion of the Canonization of Blessed Padre Pio at Amalashram.

We constructed and consecrated a new Parish Church in honour of St. Francis of Assisi at VK Puram.

We struck a Contract with the Diocese of Tuticorin over the land of the Friary and the little coconut garden to the Province in perpetuity. However, the Parish contract is renewable every 25 years.

A contract renewable every six years was made between the French Province of St. Bonaventure and Amala Annai Province, Tamil Nadu for a Fraternal Collaboration after the visit of Br. Huber Lebouquin to send three Friars.


Kaviyalaya at Okkur became an independent fraternity.

"CLARES" (Capuchin Legal Awareness, Research and Educational Services) became a fraternity in a house bought at Ponnagar, Trichy.

Bp. Thomas Aquinas blessed the grotto of Our Lady of Fatima in the Church premises at Gandhipuram.

The Extraordinary Chapter was at Anugraha, Dindigul.


The Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education conferred recognition to the Counsellor Training Programme given at Anugraha.

Br. Divakar, the Provincial blessed open the new Friary ‘Nirmalashram,’ shaped in a quadrangle design at Thirumangalam.

“AFFI" (Association of Franciscan Families, India) entrusted to the Tamil Nadu Capuchin Province the relief and developmental works of the Tsunami victims.

The Post-Novices, Regents, Students of Philosophy and Theology with the initiative and guidance of CFMMSSS launched rescue operations in Tsunami-hit villages in Kanyakumari, Nagapattinam & Cuddalore Coastal belts.


Vidivelli Animation Centre became complete with the construction of the Chapel, Conference Hall, Library and Refectory.

Br. Divakar, the Provincial blessed open the new Friary in Burkina Faso.

The Election Chapter of St. Padre Pio Custody elected Br. Ravi Irudayanathan, Regular Superior. Brs. Amirtharaj and R.I. Mariadass were the councillors.

Bp. Neethinathan of Chengelpet consecrated the Infant Jesus Shrine and Parish Church at Vallam.

We constructed a new Chapel at Surankuttai in Sundampatti Parish and had it blessed.

We withdrew the Administration of the FST sisters, and the Fatima Nagar Parish in Trichy Diocese.

We designed a modern Chapel at Anugraha Animation Centre and had it blessed.

The Eleventh Election Chapter was at Anugraha Centre. Br. John Antony got elected Provincial.

Br. M. Joseph planned a ten-day celebration in honour of the Golden Jubilee of Shanthi Ashram and Gandhipuram Parish.

We signed a Contract to administer the Parish of K M Kottai, Sivagangai Diocese permanently.

We took up the Parish of Nochiodaipatti along with two substations.

We took up the Parish of Our Lady of Good Health, Sendamangalam, in the Diocese of Salem.


We extended the Free Legal Aid ministry in the social work complex at St. Mathias Church, Chennai.

Br. Isaac founded ‘The Anugraha Trust.’

We signed a MOU between Madurai Institute of Social Sciences (MISS) and Anugraha and thus made it possible for certificates issued by Anugraha recognized by all the Indian Universities.

Br. John Antony became a General Councillor in the 83rd General Chapter of our Order.

Br. Alphonse Charles assumed the Provincialship in the place of Br. John Antony.

Bp. Susaimanickam of Sivagangai blessed ‘Karunaikadal’ Friary at Rameshwaram.

The Extraordinary Provincial Chapter was at Anugraha Centre.


Bp. Susaimanickam blessed the two hostels (for boys and girls) at K.M. Kottai.

Bp. Soundarraj Perianayagam of Vellore blessed the new school building at Arcot.

Bp. Antony Pappusamy of Dindigul blessed the new school building at Vannampatti.

We inaugurated a mini-computer centre for rural children and youth at Anugraha Friary.

Bp. Susaimanickam blessed the Udhayam Polytechnic College at Thenkuda, Rameswaram, in the presence of Br. John Antony, the General Councillor.


The Twelfth Election Chapter held at Anugraha elected Br. Alphonse Charles Provincial Minister.

Capuchin sisters from Philippines set foot in Rameswaram beside the Capuchin house to implant their Order.

Sangamam, a new house at Perugamani came into existence.

We bought the Sacred Heart Primary School at Kallikudi at the outskirt of Thirumangalam.

Br. Mauro Johri, the General Minister blessed open ‘Francesco,’ our Theologate at Vengankudi near Samayapuram, Trichy, which functioned till then at Amalashram.

We founded St. Francis of Assisi Ashram at Thiyagadurgam for the mission work in the Archdiocese of Pondicherry- Cuddalore.


The Province took the responsibility of governing the ‘RTU’ (Reaching the Unreached), a Social work organization in G. Kallupatti founded by Br. James Kimpton, FSC/ De La Salle Congregation.

Thiyagadurugam in the Archdiocese of Pondicherry became a mission Parish.

The 13th Extraordinary Chapter took place in Anugraha Centre.

Bp. Antony Pappusamy consecrated St. Antony Parish Church at Nochiodaipatti.


The Cause of Peter Paradesi, OFS, the Servant of God has been taken over by the Diocese of Palayamkottai.

We blessed James Kimpton Illam, a new Friary G.Kallupatti.

We ventured Anugraha College of Arts & Science in Nochiodaipatti.


Mr. Sundar George of Nagercoil and a friend of Br. Kulandai Amara Bose donated around nine acres of land at Karungulam, Rajakrishnapuram Parish, in the Diocese of Tuticorin near Kanyakumari, envisioned to found a home for the abandoned men. It is christened "St. Francis Mercy Home".

The Election Chapter of St. Padre Pio Custody, Zimbabwe elected Br. Kevin Gregory Gonsalvez, Regular Superior. Br. T. Lawrence and Br. John Sudhaharan were the Councillors.

The 13th Election Chapter elected Br. A. Charles Provincial.


"Padony Illam," a house inclusive of 7 cents of land has been donated to us by Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Christine.

At the climax of the 40th anniversary of the Capuchin Province of Tamil Nadu, it became two: South and North. Most. Rev. Br. Mauro Johri, General Minister, announced the erection of the Provinces in a solemn high Mass in Amalashram. The South Province under the Patronage of Mary Queen of Peace comprises the Dioceses of Ooty, Coimbatore, Dindigul, Sivagangai, Madurai, Palayamkottai, Tuticorin, Kottar and Kuzhithurai. The North Province under the Patronage of Amala Annai includes the Dioceses of Trichy, Kumbakonam, Pondicherry, Chengalpet, Chennai, Vellore, Dharmapuri, Salem and Tanjore. He appointed the Provincials and their Council namely Brs. S. Arockiam, James Gerald Raja, John Arumainathan, Kulandai Amara Bose & S.I. Wilson for the South and Brs. A.J. Mathew, B. Aruldass, Divakar, A. Antonysamy & Arul Xavier Raj for the North.

(June 16) Br. Albert designed and erected a Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes at V K Puram.

(July 01) Br. Sathian raised a belfry structure of 85ft. with niches for statues at St. Antony Church, Nochiodaipatti.

(Nov 19-22) The First Ordinary Chapter took place in Anugraha Centre.


(Feb 14) Br. Hubert Calas, the French Provincial and benefactor blessed open the Staff Quarters at the Friary, Kotagiri.

(Dec 03) We built and inaugurated a hostel for Girls at Anugraha College campus.


The Election Chapter of the Custody of Zimbabwe took place at St. Francis Capuchin Friary, Bulawayo. Friars T. Lawrence (Regular Superior), Peter and John Sudhaharan got elected to the Custody Council.

(Feb 02) Br. S. Arockiam, the Provincial entered into collaboration with the Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka to undertake the mission in Tharanikulam in the Diocese of Mannar, Sri Lanka. Br. Peter Amalraj was the Pioneer and Parish Priest.

(Feb 24) Br. R. Charles took the lead and constructed anew the Primary School at K.M. Kottai.

(May 01) Br. Jegadhees lent a moral support to the people of Pambanvilai for the construction of the Parish Church. We have accepted its pastoral animation.

(June 16) We bought the land with its High School buildings at KM Kottai from the Diocese of Sivagangai and upgraded it to Higher Secondary.

(Aug 19) Br. Albert built a kurusady dedicated to St. Antony of Padua at the gate, VK Puram.

(Oct 04) We opened a residence over


(March 25) The Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka handed over to our Province the Tharanikulam Mission of Mannar for our independent administration. This eventuated to work in the Tamil Dioceses of Northern Sri Lanka. The General Council represented by Br. Mauro Johri has formally approved it.

(April 14) We blessed open St. Francis Mercy Home at South Karungulam.

(April 27) The Second Ordinary Chapter held at Anugraha Centre elected Br. John Arumainathan- Provincial Minister. Brs. Sathian, Peter Durai, M. Christopher & S. Lawrence were the Councillors.

(Aug7) We inaugurated St. Pio boys’ hostel at the Anugraha Friary Campus.


(April 3) Bp. Yvone Ambrose of Tuticorin consecrated the Divine Mercy Chapel at Kathirvel Nagar- a substation of St. Jude.

(June)We opened Assisi Public School (CBSE) at V K Puram.

(June 6) We accepted the Parish administration of Our Lady of the Assumption at Themanur in the new Diocese of Kuzhithurai.

(Nov. 07-11) The Extraordinary Chapter took place in Anugraha Centre.


(Feb. 2) We built a new Friary at St. Francis Mercy Home, Karunkulam.

(Feb 9) Fr. Herbert Banda became the custody superior of Zimbabwe.

(May 13) Fr. Mauro Johri – General and Fr. Michael Fernandez – Councilor blessed and inaugurated Mary Queen of Peace Illam, our new Provincial Curia at Thirumangalam.

(June 3) Fr. Jerry, a Sri Lankan Tamil, but grew up in Butlagundu received the grace of Ordination in Mannar. He is the second Capuchin Priest, as the first one is Fr. Prince Casinathar who works in London. He has decided to work in his native Country.

(June 11) Bishop Peter Abir of Sulthanpet entrusted to us the Parish administration of the Holy Cross church at Menonpara.

(June 30)Our Province signed a Fraternal Collaboration with the Province of the Mother of God, Catalonia

(Oct 6) Fr. Arumainathan, the Provincial entered into a collaboration with Catalonia Province, Spain and sent 3 Friars to work there.

(Oct 13) Bishop Thomas Aquinas blessed open the extended Parish Office with 2 spacious rooms for choir practice at Fatima Church, Gandhipuram.


An agreement was signed on 18 th January 2018 with the Diocese of Trincomalee for our mission of Pastoral service in the Diocese.

The Provincial delegation Saint Joseph Vaz of Northern Sri Lanka was established on April 1. Our presence in Northern Sri Lanka increased to three fraternities and the number of Friars working there were eight. It became a Delegation under the leadership of Frs. K. A. Selvaraj, Alex Chellaiah and Charles Ephrem.

(April 16-20) The Third election Chapter took place in Anugraha Centre and elected Friars Sathian, S. Lawrence, Edward Royan, M. Christopher and I. Mariaraj to lead the Province.

(July 20) ‘Vimalagam’ house was purchased from the FMM Sisters for our Social Work Centre. The Social works of the Province are coordinated and Organized from here under the banner CARES – Capuchin Animation for Rehabilitation and Empowerment Society

(December 12) A Church dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was renovated and reconstructed at Piravaloor, a substation of Okkur. Thanks to the Laudable efforts of Br. J.M. Maria Antony and the Parishioners.


(Jan.) The Friars of Zimbabwe inaugurated St. Padre Pio Secondary School at Gutaurare, Mutare.

(Sep. 1) The Church of O.L. Fathima at Gandhipuram was renovated and reconsecrated by Bp. Thomas Aquinas of Coimbatore

(Nov.) Two Friars from the Province of Eritrea Brs. Daniel Beraki and Gebriel Bate arrive in Zimbabwe for fraternal collaboration.

(Nov.) Anugraha Friary was blessed. The Friary closer to Anugraha Animation Centre would be thereafter named Anugraha Friary and the Friary closer to the St. Antony Shrine Parish would be known as St. Antony Friary.


(Feb. 5) The Custody Chapter of Zimbabwe elected Br. Joseph Mawedze Custos of the Custody. The Councilors were Br. Jeyaraj and Br. Takawira Todzayi.

(Oct. 17) Br. Talent Nyarungwe is ordained a priest. He is the 10 th local Priest at the service of the mission.

March- St. Padre Pio Gutaurare, Mutare was established as a Community. Br. Itayi Mangenda became the pioneer and involved in construction and administration of St. Padre Pio Secondary School.

Opening of St. John Friary, K.M. Kottai by Bp. Susai Manickam of Sivagangai Diocese.


(January 1)‘Assisi Alaigal,’ the tamil Magazine of our Province was published.

The Seminarians’ Corpus Fund was created to support the Students in Formation

(February 25) R.V.J. Jothi Extension Block of St. John’s Higher Secondary School was blessed, thanks to the contribution of Mrs. Amali Jothi.